Simon Woodward


simon charcoal drawing

Michael Duviau

Simon found that money could be made at school by selling bullets. The only problem was that the bullets came from the old rifle range on West Malling air station and with it came the chance of an encounter with White Van Man (security guards), the range was not far from the main hub of the air station, but it was a challenge to be had. There were many day and night missions on the air field, trying to outwit white van man. Some of the night missions were a bit scary and out of this world?


Alan Chilvers
I knew Simon nearly all my life, first meeting him at St Thomas’s school,we soon became close friends. We had a ball as kids enjoying fishing at the local pond and shooting anything that moved in the hopfields behind his parents house.
At an early age we both had a passion for motorbikes and were soon competing in local motocross events together and just for the record we were the 2 mystery riders who used to get chased across West Malling airfield by “the man in the white van”. (We only got caught once!)
At 13 yrs of age we used to work as car park attendants for Simon’s brother Mark’s Black Cat Disco, you would be amazed how much lip 2 teenagers had, armed with a torch and  green fluorescent car park attendant jackets!!

Alan Goodsell

Simon decided to get back into motorcross so we all went to one of his first races. Simon was always really competitive and this was no exception – he was doing really well right up to the point he fell off and broke his collar bone. His biggest concern at this point was that the St John’s ambulance wanted to cut his motorcross jersey off!

Ed Salmon

I remember being in a bar with Simon, Simon was in conversation with someone that was getting quite heated, and he finished with, “anyhow, I’m not bothered because I’ve got an Ed”. He turned round laughing, as I was by now and so did this other chap who looked at my chest and then looked upwards and walked away! From then onwards we formed a really close friendship.

Gillian Barclay

I hadn’t seen Simon for a while but just after Christmas I bumped into him whilst I was out running.  It was a lovely crisp sunny morning and a shooting party were heading down the lane, by the windmill in Swavesy, to the farm for breakfast after the first shoot.  We exchanged some banter and a cheery voice shouted my name – it was Simon.  It was a lovely surprise and we stopped to have a chat, as usual he was charming and cheeky and we parted promising to catch up.  I ran home thinking what a lovely coincidence it was and telling my running pal all about him and how he used to take Charlie and Blake mountain biking and just what a lovely person he was.

We never managed to catch up, I hope he will forgive me for that because I wish I had.  But that morning in the crisp sunshine Simon was happy and smiling, having a great time with friends and that is how I will remember him.  I hope that might bring some comfort to friends, family and his children.  Simon, your father was quite simply a lovely lovely person and someone you would be proud of as he would always be of you.

there is only one place he is going and they wear wings!
fondest wishes

Michaela Cousins

My phone went it was Sue , Simon’s sister “come and meet my brother” she said.

What a lovely bloke i thought as I drove back from the pub.

We were friends from then on.

When I think of the stuff we did, I smile.

The cycling was good 15 miles was great felt fantastic the stinging nettles were not “they are good for your legs” Simon said ha ha .

The amount of red wine we drank and pizza with extra tomato was great.

Running from his house to mine in the rain hilarious! we laughed all the way.

How he always had the last text message which normally read “ok”.

Mines a Bacardi and coke from now on, sweet dreams my good friend.

Love you




Steve Mannering

I’d known “Woody” for sometime and although we were never great friends, we worked in the same business so we bumped into each other at various parties over the years Probably about 2002/3 we happened to be working on the same desk, broking crude oil. I had never met anyone quite like this before. He did not stop talking for the whole time we were in the office. Either to customers or everyone around him who would listen ! He, as all his very close friends know, did not want to waste one minute. An incredible thirst for knowledge and a desire to succeed that frankly, I had never witnessed before. A year or so later we traveled to Singapore together for Asian Oil week ( APPEC) drunk far too much, smoked too many cigars but he did save me from an awful fate. Whilst chasing down tequila and beer in the Crazy Horse bar, I was accosted by a “Ladyboy” ( Simon has told this story but with too many embellishments for my liking ! :happy:)After lifting up his /her VERY short skirt to parade his wares, I suggested that HE leave us now as we had ZERO INTEREST. An hour or so later, just as we were leaving, HE followed us screaming ” you said you would marry me !” Simon shouted, “you run, I’ll stop him”, so I legged it down the escalator from the club and had a cab waiting as then Woody shot down the stairs being chased by a very thin bloke in a mini dress and high heels ! Weird but true. He really did save me from an awful fate. Thanks Mate,
a business trip never to be forgotten !
We’ll meet again for more Tequila and Cigars – Skinny.

Steve Mannering, Kingston, Surrey.


Susi Lewis

Simon had put on Facebook that I was his Secret Crush ! Bless him !He also answered the “Interview” question “When will you be in Chicago next” as “Tomorrow” – How I wish that were true……

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