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Simon was born January 1965 at the West Kent General Hospital, Maidstone, Kent. The family lived in Wateringbury a small village just outside Maidstone.
Simon went to school at St Thomas’s in Hildenborogh where he met Michael Duviau (see link for rest of Michaels story)
He lived at Wateringbury until he was 11 when the family moved to West Malling, where they  lived in a large ex air force officers accommodation, the garden of which backed onto woodland and then the airfield, Simon spent much of his spare time out, in the woods, on his bicycle and later his motorbike or out shooting rabbits. The airfield had many tales to tell from ghostly apparitions to being chased by white van man!!! more
He was always a gregarious child and on Sundays when the family were all sitting down to dinner someone would bet him 20p that he couldn’t keep quiet for a minute, at which point he would sit on his hands and wriggle for about 20-30 seconds and then have to speak he rarely if ever made any money on this particular bet, although normally he would do anything for a bit of pocket money, or lend his brother and sister money and charge them interest!!!! He was popular with his school friends, but was constantly in trouble for being disruptive as he would do impersonations of people, especially the teachers and have the whole class in stitches.
1983 Mid Kent College more

Mile Stones

Wateringbury Primary School

Steven Turk

Moved to West Malling Airfield

ST Thomas’s / Foxbush – Hildenborough

Mid Kent College


ARC – Borough Green

Moved to Iwade – Karen Tissington

The City

1st Job in the city, this was on 6 months trial / training, the wage did not even cover the £50 weekly train ticket, after 5 months, of the 30 that started on the course, only 2 remained, shortly after completing the course, the company went bust.I think this showed Simon’s determination to be a Yupee.

Married – Karen


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