Simon Woodward


Memorial Service

19th January 2008 Fenstanton Church

The country side was flooded from continual rain, the day started with rain, but this did not stop people coming to the church, by the time the family arrived there were over 200 people at the church with people having to stand at the back of the church.

The service was led by Rev Robin McKenzie.

All things bright and beautiful
Make me a channel of your peace
Morning has broken

Readings by
John Ruffles – Simons colleague for 18 years     Link to Eulogy
Michael Duviau – School friend
Keith Wells – Long Term friend                         Link to Eulogy
Graham Hemington – Local friend –                 link to Eulogy
John Cockerill – Simons Best man

Full order of service

The press were in attendance, and a report was on the BBC web site as well as ITV local news.

Click here to view video by ITV.

simons memorial service

After the Service most people joined Simon’s family at the King William, exchanging stories and meeting friends and family from as far away as New Zealand

Funeral Service

The funeral service was held at Cambridge Crematorium by Reverend Yule, 30th January,
flowers arranged in the shape of a Porsche from his children and roses from the family decorated the hearse, 30-40 family and friends attended the service.
After the service the family retired to Simon’s sister house for tea and biscuits and share photos and happy memories.

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